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The Therapro Product Line by Central States


Fact: Men and women troubled with scalp problems would prefer their Salon Professional to help them rather than consult a physician.

Fact: Dandruff affects 50% of the population and the #1 selling shampoo in the world is over the counter dandruff shampoo sold in grocery stores.

Fact: In the United States alone, 75 million people experience scalp disorders and hair loss problems...approximately 40 million men and 35 million women are affected.

Fact: Scalp disorder and hair loss represents a tremendous opportunity. Men and women in the US spend over 4 billion dollars a year on scalp solutions.

Fact: Six out of ten adults experience scalp disorders and hair loss challenges.

Therapro MEDIceuticals shampoo, scalp treatments are an advanced anti thinning hair system to stop hair loss and promote healthy, thicker hair growth. Therapro products work to:

  • Treat the Scalp & Cleanse the Hair
  • Treat & Condition the Hair
  • Energize the Hair Follicles

Therapro shampoo and topical treatments incorporate modern pharmaceutical technology with proven traditional medicines to create a hair loss treatment for both men and women.

Therapro MEDIceutical’s line of thinning hair and scalp treatments is the result of extensive research by a group of scientists specializing in hair loss solutions. Therapro’s Mediceutical scientists incorporated modern pharmaceutical technology with proven traditional medicines to create the safest and most effective hair loss solutions on the market today.

All MEDIceutical treatments are manufactured in FDA approved laboratories using only pharmaceutical grade ingredients and purified pharmaceutical water.

THERAPRO’s Exclusive MEDIceutical Complexes

NutraCell™ - A unique blend of three vitamin and natural vascular stimulators that aid in dilating capillaries in the dermis and epidermis, increasing blood flow to the hair follicle, improving metabolic activity and hair cell production.  Therapro’s NutraCell complex is available in a topical transdermal treatment.

Estrolin™ - A natural non-drug antiandrogen compound composed of sixteen vitamins, minerals and proven herbal medicines aids in inhibiting the formation of DHT. Therapro’s Estrolin complex is available in a topical transdermal treatment.

Femmigen™ - A specialized estrogenic complex formulated for women of all ages experiencing female androgen and vascular alopecia. A dual action therapy featuring a blend of 22 natural antiandrogen estrogens, minerals, vitamins and vascular dilators helps to reduce the formation of DHT caused by estrogen fluctuations while also improving hair follicle vascular activity. Femmigen is found in Therapro’s “W” Distinctively Feminine line.  

These exclusive complexes are the foundation for Therapro’s Hair Recovery Program™. THERAPRO MEDIceuticals’ Hair Recovery Program focuses on five disciplines working in harmony and synergistically for optimal healthy hair growth:

  • Treat the Scalp & Cleanse the Hair
  • Treat & Condition the Hair
  • Energize the Hair Follicle
  • Healthy Hair Styling
  • Nutritional Therapy

With Therapro’s extensive line of products, you have the flexibility to select the solutions that work best for you. Therapro’s formulations do not include ingredients commonly found in traditional hair care products that can often build-up on the hair and scalp. Build-up on the scalp creates an unhealthy environment for sustained healthy hair growth.

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