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Perm Products by Central States

Quantum represents the very best in perming, hair straightening and haircolor technology.

Quantum perms contain advanced conditioning neutralizers and cationic conditioning agents that bond to each hair strand actually leaving hair in better condition. Patented Equalizer 3 conditioning formula helps to balance porosity for more even curl formation from scalp to ends. Quantum -- reliable, true-to-rod size curls and waves every time.

Quantum Thermal Straightener Japanese Hair Straightening System combines Japanese-style technology with proven Quantum know-how to create a system that permanently straightens curly or wavy hair.

Quantum Haircare - a complete line of products that complement the professional service products. Shampoos, conditioners, treatment and styling products all formulated with the very best ingredients and technology you'd expect from Quantum.

Ultra Bond Creative License Perm

For high quality, long lasting, conditioned curls on fine/limp, soft/delicate and tinted (single processed only) hair types, Creative License is the Ultimate Acid Permanent Wave. Patented Silk Hydra-Bond Complex reinforces the internal strength of hair, creating long lasting curls and maximum elasticity (often lacking in delicate hair types).

  • Activated by dryer heat
  • Ultra conditioning formula protects and moisturizes hair for optimum shine and manageability even on soft delicate hair types

Ultra Bond Overture

Overture privdes consistently predictable results, optimum versatility, and highly conditioned curls. Natural processing, acid balanced permanent wave with stop action privdes a protective environment for gentle, complete curl development from scalp to ends.

For Normal, tinted and highlighted hair (40% or less)

Ultra Bond Striations Perm

For normal/resistant and fine/limp hair

  • Low ammonia formula controls even processing while minimizing cuticle shock and preventing dryness
  • Acid balanced perm with dual conditioning benefits
  • Silicone conditioning in both waving lotion and neutralizer protect hair while ensuring lustrous sheen, silky smoothness and ultra manageability
  • Natural processing for easy-to-manage, long-lasting waves
  • Heat-activated for bouncy, style support curls
  • True to rod size

Ultra Bond Classic Body Acid Perm


  • "Non-permed look," short hair, first-time clients, diffuser drying, or dry-set styles.
  • Tinted (single process tinted, 20 volume peroxide or less)
  • Highlighted (no more than 40% highlighted, not for double-processed hair)


  • Soft, supportive waves


  • Normal to moderately porous
  • Tinted
  • Highlighted

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