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The Hair 'n' Flair Product Line by Central States

Hair ‘n Flair™ was founded as a result of the rising demand in the Salon Class of Trade regarding Colored Human Hair Extensions. One of the main reasons for the demand for Human Hair Extensions is that, unlike Faux (Synthetic) Hair, Human Hair Extensions can be used with Blow Dryers, Curling and Flat Irons. In other words, you can style the extension to match your particular hair style. Another reason the demand for Colored Hair Extensions (that’s where we come in) is that it’s FUN! It’s an Expression of one’s self.

Hair ‘n Flair™ was introduced to bridge that gap between salon visits and the ability to do it yourself- for a whole lot less money! Our new product provides the ability to apply and remove a streak of colored 100% human hair for less than $20. This opens up a variety of fun and temporary options not otherwise possible: proms, weddings, sporting events, weekend fun, one night glamour, or even everyday use. It offers last minute enhancement for fun and glamour, but can be removed for work, school or other times as needed.

For more information about Hair 'n' Flair, check out their website at:

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